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World Prematurity Day 2023 Classification of premature babies based on gestational age, body weight and length

World Prematurity Day: When a baby is born too early, before 37 weeks of pregnancy are completed, it is called premature or premature birth. Ideally, pregnancy should last for 40 weeks. Throughout pregnancy, the fetus continues to grow and develop, especially in the last months and weeks. In the last week the brain, lungs and liver are fully developed.

However, premature babies, especially those born before 32 weeks, have higher rates of death and disability.

Problems that premature babies face include breathing problems, cerebral palsy, vision problems, difficulty in feeding, delayed growth, hearing problems, being born with a head larger than the body, Features include thin hair that covers most of the body. More sharp and less rounded than a full-term baby, and the body temperature decreases after childbirth.

Features of a premature baby The reason a premature baby is less round than a full-term baby is that a premature baby has fewer cells to store fat. Furthermore, since the body temperature of premature babies drops soon after birth, they are kept in an incubator.

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Classification of premature babies based on gestational age

When a premature baby is born before 28 weeks of pregnancy, they are called extremely premature. A baby born between 28 to 32 weeks of pregnancy is called very premature, a baby born between 32 to 34 weeks of pregnancy is called moderately premature, and a baby born between 34 to 36 weeks of pregnancy A child born between 1990 and 2007 is called late born. According to the Mayo Clinic, immature.

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Weight and body length of premature babies by gestational age

In boys, when the gestational age, or the time for which the baby remains in the womb, is 40 weeks, the weight is about 3.6 kilograms, and the body length is about 51 centimeters.

When the gestational age in boys is 35 weeks, 32 weeks, 28 weeks and 24 weeks, the weight is 2.5 kg, 1.8 kg, 1.1 kg and 0.65 kg, respectively, and the length is 46 cm, 42 cm, 36.5 cm. , and 31 centimeters respectively.

In girls, the weight at the gestational age of 40 weeks, 35 weeks, 32 weeks, 28 weeks and 24 weeks is 3.4 kg, 2.4 kg, 1.7 kg, one kg and 0.60 kg, respectively, and the length is 51 cm, 45 cm. centimeter, 42 centimeter, 36 centimeter and 32 centimeter respectively.

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