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15 Best things to do in abingdon, va

Introduction: welcome to Abingdon VA

Abingdon, Virginia, a lovely town in the Appalachian Mountains, provides tourists with a wealth of outdoor adventure, cultural experiences, and historic sites. Abingdon has much to offer everybody, whether you enjoy the outdoors, history, or culture. make sure you get the best out of your journey, we’ll go through the top things to do in Abingdon, VA, in this overview.

1. Go to the Barter Theatre first

One of the first American professional theatres, the Barter Theatre is situated in Abingdon VA. When actors traded their skills for bread during the Great Depression, the theatre was founded. The Barter Theatre currently presents a wide range of performances, such as plays, musicals, and live music.

2. Travel the Virginia Creeper Trail by foot

From Abingdon to Whitetop Mountain, there is a stunning 34-mile trail called the Virginia Creeper Trail. The trail provides breathtaking vistas of the Appalachian Mountains and is ideal for hiking, biking, and equestrian riding.

3. Go to the William King Art Museum

In Abingdon va, the William King Museum of Art is housed in a former school. The museum displays a wide range of artwork, such as contemporary art, folk art, and local art. The museum holds other events in addition to the art exhibits, such as concerts and workshops.

4. Explore the Historic District of Abingdon

The Abingdon Historic District is a lovely part of town with old houses, structures, and churches. Visitors to the area have a choice between a self-directed walking tour and a guided tour led by a local historian.

5. Try some wine

The Abingdon Vineyard & Winery and the MountainRose Vineyards are only two of the wineries and vineyards in Abingdon. Wines from the area can be tasted, and guests can discover how wine is made.

6. Visit Virginia Creeper Fly Shop

Fly fishing lovers can visit the Virginia Creeper Fly Shop. Along with a large assortment of equipment and supplies, the store also arranges guided fishing trips on the nearby rivers and streams.

7. Take a Ghost Tour

Visitors can join a ghost tour in Abingdon to learn more about the town’s eerie past. The area is well-recognized for its ghostly history. The Martha Washington Inn and the Barter Theatre are two of the most spooky places in town that are included in the tour.

8. Attend the Virginia Highlands Festival

Every summer, Abingdon is the site of the two-week Virginia Highlands Festival. The event offers a range of activities, including live music, food vendors, arts and crafts, and more.

9. Check out the Farmers Market in Abingdon

The Abingdon Farmers Market is a fantastic location to experience regional foods and locally created goods. From May to October, the market is open on Saturdays and has merchants offering anything from farm-fresh food to handcrafted soap.

10. Enrol in a cooking course at Academie Gourmet

Abingdon’s The Academie Gourmet is a cooking school that provides a wide range of classes and workshops. Everything from traditional Southern cuisine to cosmopolitan cuisine can be learned by visitors.

11. Travel to Abingdon Muster Grounds

During the American Revolution, soldiers trained in the Abingdon Muster Grounds, a historical location. The history of the American Revolution in Virginia can be learned by taking a guided tour of the location.

12. Look about Virginia Creeper Trail Depot

The Virginia Creeper Trail Depot is situated in the heart of Abingdon and provides shuttle services, trail information, and bike rentals.

13. Visit an antique store

There are several antique stores in Abingdon that provide a distinctive shopping experience. Visitors can peruse various vintage and antique products, including pottery, jewelry, and furniture. The Moon Dog Brick Oven, Antiques on Main, and Vintage in Bloom are a few of the most well-known antique stores.

14. Visit the Southwest Virginia Cultural Centre & Marketplace

A cultural hub honoring Southwest Virginia’s history is the Southwest Virginia Cultural Centre & Marketplace. The center has displays of regional history, arts, music, and cuisine. Visitors can also buy locally manufactured items and crafts from craftsmen.

15. Go to a live performance of music

Visitors can catch live music performances in Abingdon at places including Wolf Hills Brewing Co., The Tavern, and The Martha Washington Inn & Spa. Local bluegrass to internationally renowned musicians are represented in the music.


tourists can enjoy a range of activities in Abingdon, VA. There is something for everyone, from enjoying the outdoors on the Virginia Creeper Trail to discovering local history at the Abingdon Muster Grounds. The Barter Theatre, the William King Museum of Art, and the Southwest Virginia Cultural Centre & Marketplace are just a few of the cultural attractions open to visitors. Abingdon is a wonderful location for a weekend trip or a longer vacation because of its beautiful small-town atmosphere and welcoming residents.

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1. What is the Virginia Creeper Trail?

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a 34-mile trail that runs from Abingdon to Whitetop Mountain. It is popular for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

2. What is the Barter Theatre?

The Barter Theatre is one of the oldest professional theaters in the United States, located in Abingdon. It offers a variety of shows, including plays, musicals, and live music.

3. When is the Virginia Highlands Festival?

The Virginia Highlands Festival is a two-week event that takes place in Abingdon every summer.

4. What is Academie Gourmet?

The Academie Gourmet is a cooking school in Abingdon that offers a variety of classes and workshops.

5. What is the Abingdon Farmers Market?

The Abingdon Farmers Market is a weekly market that takes place on Saturdays from May to October. Visitors can sample local produce and handmade crafts.




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