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RISE 2023 education program organized in Delhi to bridge curiosity across cultures in Indian schools

New Delhi: Alliance Française de Delhi, in partnership with One Teacher One Scientist, organized its three-day event, Re-imagining School Education (RISE) – 2023 from 17 to 19 November. The event was aimed at students, teachers and parents. The focus was on integrating the concept of ‘Global Citizenship’ in Indian schools, keeping in mind the global scenario of the 21st century in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

In an earlier statement, RISE 2023 organizers said: “RISE aims to provide a common platform for meaningful dialogue, debate and sharing of ideas and experiences through a diverse and engaging program over three days.”

The opening ceremony on 17 November included an address by Cynthia McCaffrey, UNICEF Representative to India. His speech stressed the need to foster curiosity in classrooms and allow children to develop at their own pace. The day began with various workshops and panel discussions that discussed the importance of emotions in learning, the role of heritage and culture and the need for community education in today’s world.

Emphasis was laid on the scope of including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the school curriculum to strengthen the essence of global citizenship. The highlight of the day was Dadi Pudumji’s puppet show, which creatively addressed biodiversity and gender equality.

The following days saw a mix of educational walks and interactive sessions. Dr. Navina Jaffa led a historical walk at Lodhi Gardens, and told the participants about the cultural and architectural significance of the tombs there.

The nature walk focused on the diversity of the herbal gardens of Lodhi Gardens, which depicted nature’s intricate designs. Workshops and panel discussions continued to explore topics as diverse as financial literacy, the role of art in reflecting culture, and the application of neuroscience in education. Engaging activities like poster-making were also organized to maintain the interest and participation of the students.

The Mahotsav also featured eminent personalities, speakers and academicians like Junnie Han (UNESCO), Dr. Patrick Mitchell (Newcastle University, UK), Dr. Nandini Chatterjee Singh (UNESCO MGIEP), Dr. Shyama Chona (Founder of Tamana), Dr. Were. Gauri Easwaran (Shiv Nadar Foundation), and former Indian Ambassador to Bahrain and France Dr. Mohan Kumar (OP Jindal University), among others.

The program concluded on 19 November with a vote of thanks and a violin recital by Ustad Johar Ali Khan. Over these three days, RISE discussed important issues that will shape the future of the next generation.

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