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Rajasthan Election 2023 PM Modi Rally Rajasthan Baran Congress Gehlot Lal Diary Magician Dynasty Appeasement

Rajasthan Elections 2023: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday used ‘lal diary’ and ‘magician’ remarks to attack Congress and said the party has handed over the state to looters and rioters. He said that all the Congress ministers are unruly and claimed that people are angry with the grand old party.

The Prime Minister said, “Everyone in the Congress – be it ministers or MLAs – is unbridled. People are angry. Congress has handed over the people of Rajasthan to looters, rioters and criminals…”

“Rajasthan’s “Lal Diary” is being discussed a lot. As the pages of this “Lal Diary” are turning, the face of the ‘magician’ is fading. This “Lal Diary” clearly shows that How the Congress government has sold your water, forests and land in the last five years…” the PM said.

He further said that BJP has always had a very special relationship with the people, saying, “…It has been 75 years of India’s independence. Now, we have the goal of ‘Developed India’. To make India developed. aims at.” It is incomplete without making Rajasthan developed. But as long as the three enemies of the country, corruption, dynasty and appeasement, are among us, it is difficult to fulfill this resolution. Congress is the biggest symbol of these three evils.”

The Prime Minister said that BJP’s priority is to ensure the welfare and safety of women. He also said that inflation and unemployment rates are highest in Rajasthan under the Congress rule.

Intensifying his attack, the Prime Minister said that with the support of Congress, the morale of anti-social forces gets boosted. Referring to the murder of tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Rajasthan, he said that people are being beheaded openly and it is being celebrated.

He said, “The entire country saw what happened to the Dalit youth in Jhalawar. In Rajasthan, famous for festivals, Ram Navami, Holi, Hanuman Jayanti were marred by riots…”



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