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Rajasthan Assembly Elections: PM Modi addresses rally in Bharatpur, talks about Congress’s corruption in last 5 years

Rajasthan Assembly Elections: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing a public rally in Bharatpur on Saturday, took a dig at the Congress party and said that gold is coming out of the Congress locker and it is not made of potatoes. He remarked that the Congress Party had completely plunged the state into corruption, adding: “We have seen black money and looted gold coming out of lockers in Jaipur”.

He mentioned that while parties and candidates often claim that they have worked hard but the outcome depends on luck during elections, the Rajasthan Congress is worried about its lockers. “They are losing sleep, they are afraid that Modi is opening the locker,” he said. Gold is coming out of Congress’s locker and it is not gold made from potatoes, it is real gold.

He stressed that all this gold and black money was stolen or looted from the citizens of Rajasthan.

She criticized the Congress for failing to protect the women of the state and alleged that the party had broken her trust. PM Modi questioned whether a chief minister who claims that women file fake rape cases can protect them.

“Congress has broken the trust of women in the state. Can the Chief Minister protect the women of the state when he himself claims that women file fake rape cases? Such a misogynistic party must be held accountable,” PM Modi said.

She further said that Congress ministers have a ‘low mentality’ towards women in the state, adding, “They claim that (rapes) are happening because Rajasthan is a man’s land.”

PM Modi stressed that it is the responsibility of Congress to protect the life and property of every citizen. However, he said, crimes and atrocities against women, Dalits, tribals and the underprivileged have increased in the last five years. “People cannot celebrate any festival peacefully – be it Holi, Ram Navami, or Hanuman Jayanti due to riots, stone pelting and the ongoing curfew in the state,” the Prime Minister said.

In his address, the Prime Minister highlighted that while India is progressing as a global leader, the Congress has “made Rajasthan a leader in corruption, riots and crimes.”

“On one hand, India is becoming a world leader. At the same time, you all know what happened in Rajasthan in the last five years. Congress has made Rajasthan a leader in corruption, riots and crimes. That’s why Rajasthan is saying ‘Jadugar ji kaun mile vote ji’,” the PM said.

Modi said that BJP has issued a wonderful resolution letter in Rajasthan. The PM said, “The aim of BJP’s resolution is to make Rajasthan the leading state of the country, deal strictly with corruption and create a safe environment for sisters and daughters. He assured that Bharatiya Janata Party will fulfill all the promises made to the people of Rajasthan. Will do.” Said.

Voting for 200 assembly seats in Rajasthan will be held in a single phase on November 25.



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