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Nitish Kumar News Sex-ed comment Mary Milben National anthem singer Demand for resignation of Bihar CM on PM Modi’s US visit

American singer and actress Mary Milben, who sang the Indian national anthem during PM Narendra Modi’s visit to the US earlier this year, has sought Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s comments on the importance of women in sex education. She also urged the Bharatiya Janata Party to “empower a woman to lead in Bihar” in the next elections.

Criticizing Nitish Kumar, Milben said, “Today, India faces a defining moment. Right here in Bihar, where the value of women is being challenged. And I believe there is only one solution to this challenge. The only answer is after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar YesI believe that a courageous woman should come forward and announce her candidature for the post of Chief Minister of Bihar. If I were a citizen of India, I would have gone to Bihar and contested for the post of Chief Minister.

Referring to the Hebrew Bible, he said: “Queen Esther was advised by her cousin Mordecai to boldly go to her husband, the king, to help save his Jewish people. It was Mordecai who advised Esther to become queen His time in the kingdom, as a decisive moment to save his Jewish people. Mordecai said to Esther, “Who knows but you, Esther, have come into the kingdom , Have you become a queen, for such a time as this?

“I believe the time has come for Nitish Kumar to resign and for Esther to rise in Bihar,” he said in an ex-post.

Earlier this week, Nitish Kumar landed in trouble when he tried to describe a marital relationship in an “indecent manner” to explain the importance of women’s education for population control during a discussion in the Bihar Assembly. The BJP has demanded his resignation over the comments and has also urged the Speaker to remove his comments.

Milben, who was earlier in the news for singing the national anthem in India – “Jana Gana Mana…” – also mentioned Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan and said that one should follow what the actor has said in the film, “Vote” and make a change.”

Milben touched the Prime Minister’s feet after protesting in front of PM Modi at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington DC, the video of which was widely shared.

Milben, who is a known supporter of PM Modi, came out in his support in August when the opposition tried to corner the Prime Minister over the violence in Manipur. Responding to the opposition’s attack on the BJP’s failure to stop the violence and sacking Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh, he had said: “Associating with a party that disrespects cultural heritage is disrespecting the children of their country. Denying the right to sing the national anthem, and demeaning your country abroad, is not leadership. It is unprincipled.”



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