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China’s Xi proposes international conference amid Israel-Hamas talks, India

External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar, while addressing a virtual summit of fellow BRICS leaders on Tuesday, called for a “two-state solution” to resolve the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, news agency ANI reported. Speaking on the Israel-Hamas war, Jaishankar said: “The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza is causing enormous humanitarian suffering. There is an urgent need to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza population. It is also imperative that all hostages Continue.”

He further said, “PM Modi has spoken to many leaders from the region and the world in this context. He has highlighted the need to create conditions for peace and to restart direct and meaningful peace talks. We believe that “That the Palestinians’ concerns must be addressed.” Addressed seriously.”

Meanwhile, during a virtual summit of fellow BRICS leaders on Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for an “international peace conference” to end the conflict between Israel and Hamas, news agency AFP reported. Xi said, “Without a proper solution to the Palestine question, there can be no lasting peace and security in the Middle East.”

“China calls for the early convening of an international peace conference that is more authoritative in building an international consensus for peace,” AFP quoted him in its report.

According to PTI report, Xi presented three proposals to resolve the conflict, including an immediate cessation of hostilities, an end to violence targeting civilians and the release of civilian detainees to prevent further loss of life and suffering. There were calls for release. He stressed the need to implement a two-state solution, restore the legitimate rights of the Palestinian nation, and establish an independent State of Palestine.

According to Xi, such a meeting would “work toward an early solution to the Palestine question that is comprehensive, just, and sustainable.”

“Since the outbreak of the latest Palestinian-Israeli conflict, China has been actively working to promote peace negotiations and a ceasefire,” he said.

Fighting has erupted in Gaza after Hamas militants killed nearly 1,200 people during cross-border attacks on October 7 – Israel’s bloodiest attack yet.

In response, Israel launched an all-out air strike and ground offensive into Gaza, which is ruled by Hamas.

According to Hamas, more than 13,300 people, including thousands of children, have been killed in the fighting.

Hopes rise for hostages after Hamas chief cease-fire deal ‘closed’

On Tuesday, hopes rose that several hostages held by Hamas would be freed from war-torn Gaza, as both the group’s leader and Qatar, a key mediator, claimed a settlement agreement with Israel was near.

“We are close to reaching a ceasefire agreement,” Ismail Haniyeh said, according to a statement from his office provided to AFP, after US President Joe Biden hinted at a deal on Monday.

“We are the closest we have come to reaching an agreement,” Qatar’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Majid al-Ansari said.

“We are very optimistic, very hopeful,” he said.



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