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All ICU patients at Al Shifa hospital killed amid Israeli siege in Israel Hamas war Top Points

The Israeli army has intensified infiltration in the West Bank against the terrorist group Hamas. The operation was carried out overnight Thursday-Friday at a refugee camp in Jenin, a city in the northern West Bank that has long been considered a hotbed of terrorist activity, the Israeli military said in a statement, according to news agency AFP. At least five terrorists were killed. ,

Elsewhere, in the south of the West Bank, the Palestinian Health Ministry said two people were killed “by Israeli army gunfire” at the entrance to the city of Hebron.

Al-Shifa hospital siege

Meanwhile, on the third day of Israel’s siege of Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, the enclave’s largest medical facility, all patients in the intensive care unit have died, Mohammed Abu Salmiya, the hospital’s director, said on Friday. Told Jazeera.

“We have nothing left, no electricity, no food, no water. With every passing minute, we are losing one life. Overnight we lost 22 people, (and) for the last three days the hospital It is surrounded.” Al Jazeera quoted Salmiya as saying.

Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City has become the target of Israeli forces, who claim Hamas fighters are running their operations from a headquarters in the tunnels beneath it. However, the militant group denies the claims.

Body of second Israeli hostage recovered

Media outlet CNN, citing Israel’s claims, reported that the body of a second Israeli hostage was recovered near Al-Shifa hospital on Friday morning. Israeli forces also claimed to have found military equipment inside the hospital and discovered a tunnel shaft. This comes amid demands from the United Nations to provide access to Gaza to investigate the claims made by Israel.

UN official appeals to Israel to allow water supply

UN human rights official Pedro Araújo-Agudo appealed to Israel to stop using water as a “weapon of war” in Gaza and allow the provision of safe drinking water.

“Every hour that Israel blocks the provision of safe drinking water to the Gaza Strip is a flagrant violation of international law, putting Gazans at risk of dying from thirst and related diseases,” Araújo-Agudo said in a statement released Friday. Lack of safe drinking water.”

He added, “These recurring deaths in war are preventable and Israel must stop them.”

Since October 7, when Hamas militants entered Israel, killing 1,400 people and abducting more than 240, Israel has launched sustained military strikes against the terrorist group in Gaza.



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